Our mission

To use the latest technology to test DNA for genetic diseases and create a future where we can all live healthier lives

Our Founders

Glenn Bennett
Dr Glenn Bennett
MBBS, BScMed(Hons), FACEM, MLibStud, MBA
Director of Clinical Services


Bennett Shum
Dr Bennett Shum
BMedSci(Hons), PhD, MBA
Laboratory Director & Managing Director


Our Science & Technology

A Painless Test

You can collect the DNA sample in your own home by using the NextGen mouth swab.

Greater than 99% Technical Accuracy

Our state of the art testing facility is equipped with semi-automated robotic units to ensure accuracy.

The Latest DNA Sequencing Technology

Using cutting edge technology means we are able to screen for over 60 treatable genetic conditions in one test.

Global Gold Standard Testing

The NextGen Home Test Kit has been accredited by leading health governing bodies.

Streamlined Systems for Speed

Our rigorously tested laboratory systems provide your results faster than standard DNA sequencing tests.

Australian Owned Laboratory

All testing is completed in Australia by our local expert team.

We're here for you

We Partner With Your Doctor

To ensure we achieve the best health outcomes for you, we believe it's really important that we partner with your doctor.

When the results from the NextGen Test are complete we will provide a report to your doctor so they can discuss the findings and, if required, provide you with recommendations for treatments or referrals.

We're Available If You Need Us

If at anytime you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with one of our health professionals, you can reach out using our contact details below.

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