What makes the NextGen Test different to the Harmony, Panorama or other genetic tests?

There are now so many genetic tests available, it can be confusing to work out if there is any difference between the tests.


Some like the NextGen Test are accredited and done in accredited medical pathology laboratories to test for serious treatable genetic conditions. Others do not provide reliable, trustworthy information that can be used to make medical decisions, they may provide information on ancestry or personal characteristics or probabilities of getting a particular disease which contain a lot of uncertainty.

When a test is completed

The NextGen Test is done on a baby or child after it is born to test for conditions which can be treated. Some genetic tests are done during pregnancy to identify conditions in the baby which can’t be treated.

Comparing tests

NextGen PlusHarmony/Panorama
Who can be tested?All babies & childrenPregnant mothers
When is testing done?After birthDuring pregnancy
How is the test done?Painless mouth swabBlood test
Conditions tested503
Conditions treatableYesNo

Why choose NextGen?

The NextGen test is the only accredited test to screen babies and children for over 50 treatable genetic conditions. Early detection can allow treatment to prevent complications in the future.

Order the NextGen Test

NextGen by Genepath allows you to detect serious medical conditions early, so your baby can undergo treatment to prevent complications:

  • Accredited by NATA & RCPA, who assure the quality of pathology testing in Australia
  • Screen for over 50 treatable conditions in a single test
  • Highly accurate tests (99.6% technical sensitivity & 100% technical specificity)
  • Australian owned & operated


Identify serious conditions early so early treatment and intervention can prevent:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Intellectual disability
  • 20 serious conditions in total

NextGen PLUS

Give yourself complete peace of mind, and do everything you can to give your child the best start to life by proactively identifying:

  • NextGen and 40 more conditions
  • 60 serious conditions in total

View full list of conditions for each test

How it works

Order online & nominate your doctor

We contact you to answer any questions

Your doctor requests the test & we send you the DNA test kit

You return the mouth swab by post

Your doctor receives the report & explains the results to you

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