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The latest preventive health screening for newborns, children and adults

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Approximately 8% of the Australian population are living with any one of about 10,000 known rare diseases.

This is similar to the proportion of people living with diabetes or asthma (rare diseases are a ‘common’ problem for clinicians).

*Australian Family Physician Volume 44, No.9, September 2015 Pages 630-633


How NextGen compares to existing tests

Over 1,278 Australian children will be born this year with a treatable genetic condition which current screening does not detect. 

The existing newborn heel prick test screens for 25 genetic conditions and identifies approximately 300 affected babies per year.

The NextGen Test can identify over 50 different treatable genetic conditions, most of which are screened overseas in NZ, the USA, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan but not in Australia. 

Treatable conditions tested Approx 20-25 50
Affected children picked up p.a. Approx 300 Approx 1,278
Most common condition CF 1/2500 FH 1/400
Rare conditions tested (<1/2000) 20-25 50

The NextGen test allows you to offer your patients the most comprehensive screening currently available so that you can intervene early to prevent complications.


Our aim is to help you provide better health outcomes for your patients.


The NextGen Test for your patients

  • The NextGen Test has been accredited by The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia for use in newborns, children and adults

  • The NextGen test is the latest in preventive health screening:

    • Babies & Children: Provide your patients with the latest preventive health screening for over 50 treatable conditions

    • Adults: Empower your patients to identify if they are a carrier of 60 serious genetic condition

  • Genetic testing cannot affect your patients life insurance

  • We work with you to provide the best quality care for your patients:

    • We provide pre-test counselling to make sure your patient fully understands the test

    • We perform testing in an accredited, state of the art genetic pathology laboratory in Sydney

    • We arrange (do we arrange the specialist referral appointments?) post-test counselling and specialist referrals

    • We provide you with the NextGen Test Report and a letter which explains everything

    • We’re available to answer any other questions you may have 



Preventative screening for babies newborn to 2 years

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Screens: 20 genetic conditions

Price: $495

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Screens: 50 genetic conditions

Price: $980



Preventative screening for children 16 years & under

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Screens: 40 genetic conditions

Price: $980



Carrier screening for adults over 16 years

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Screens: 60 genetic conditions

Price: $980


How NextGen Test Works

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Order online

You or your patient order the NextGen test online

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We arrange pre-test counselling for your patient and ensure informed consent is obtained

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The NextGen Test is sent to your patient

Your patient returns the mouth swab to us

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We analyse the sample in our Australian labs

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We arrange post-test counseling and specialist referrals for your patient

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You receive a report which explains everything including the test report 


Why NextGen

  • We’re RCPA & NATA accredited for specialist genetic pathology testing

  • 99.6% technical sensitivity and 100% technical specificity

  • We’re Australian owned and operated

  • Fast turn-around times

  • Compliance with the highest international standard for medical pathology testing (ISO15189) 





  • Test cost includes pre and post-test counselling, delivery, testing, analysis & reports

  • A Medicare rebate is not currently available for the NextGen Tests

  • More technical information is available in a paper published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics