Causes of intellectual disability

Intellectual disability is characterised by an IQ below 70 and may result in difficulty in communicating, learning concepts, and retaining information.

An intellectual disability may be caused by a genetic condition, problems during pregnancy or birth, illnesses when young, and environmental factors.

Biotinidase deficiency is a rare genetic condition, which results in the body being unable to manage the vitamin biotin.

Some genetic conditions like Biotinidase deficiency cause developmental disability if untreated. The good news is, if it is detected and treated early enough, intellectual disability can be avoided with affected babies having the chance to grow and live healthy functioning lives.

Biotinidase deficiency can be simply treated by a dietary supplement.

The problem is that Biotinidase deficiency is difficult to diagnose and babies appear healthy initially. Usually there is no family history of the disease. By the time a parent suspects something is wrong with their baby it is often too late to stop permanent developmental disability.

Other genetic causes of intellectual disability include Arginase deficiency, Glycine Encephalopathy and Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.

The NextGen Test is the only accredited test to screen newborns for Biotinidase deficiency and other genetic causes of intellectual disability in Australia. Early detection can allow an intellectual disability to be prevented.

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