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Genetic conditions that cause seizures


What parents need to know

Seizures are terrifying for parents. I often see parents in the Emergency Department after their child has had a seizure and they are scared and feel powerless.

It is now known that many different type of seizures are due to genetic factors. Over 20 different genes have been associated with seizures.

A gene called SCN1A is responsible for different types of seizures including febrile convulsions and a disorder called Dravet's syndrome. Seizures due to Dravet's syndrome are often difficult to control with common medications, and doctors try one medications after another until they finally find something that reduces the seizures.

Many other genetic conditions are known to cause seizures, including MCAD Deficiency, Citrullinaemia Type I, and Hereditary Fructose Intolerance.

Detecting a seizure-causing genetic condition is often difficult and may take months or even years. Often there is no family history of seizure related genetic conditions.

Detecting seizure-causing genetic conditions early can be useful for both parents and doctors. Parents can be proactive in managing their child's health by attending first aid class so they know what to do in the event of a seizure, while doctors can know which medications are the most useful.

The NextGen Test is the only accredited test in Australia that screens newborns and babies for seizure-causing genetic conditions like Dravet's syndrome. By detecting seizure-causing genetic conditions early, parents can be proactive in managing their child's health.


By Glenn Bennett

Dr Glenn Bennett is the Medical Director for Genepath. He is passionate about using the latest technology to prevent health problems. He is proud to have developed the first accredited preventive health test using DNA sequencing in Australia, allowing parents to proactively manage their child's health.


Order the NextGen Test

NextGen by Genepath allows you to detect serious medical conditions early, so your baby can undergo treatment to prevent complications:

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Accredited by NATA & RCPA, who assure the quality of pathology testing in Australia

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Screen for over 50 treatable conditions in a single test

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Identify 20 serious conditions early so treatment and intervention can prevent:

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Give yourself complete peace of mind, and do everything you can to give your child the best start to life by proactively identifying:

- 20 Conditions tested for with NextGen Baby + over 30 more treatable conditions (50 in total)


How the NextGen Test Works

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We answer your questions and send you the test kit

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You receive the results from our healthcare professionals


The NextGen Test is simple, easy to use and we work with your doctor to ensure you and your family receive the best possible care.